Some of our sponsors and their stalls.

Registration desk before anyone started arriving. The lull before the storm….

Quite a few of the sponsors brought some impressive kit with them.

The Crew T-Shirts turned out an interesting colour. All the better to be able to see us!

Stephen Bonner escaping from Alcatraz. This was before he donned the fetching green swimming cap.

Some of our delegates waiting for a talk to start in the Queen Mother Conference Centre

Our first BSides Edinburgh is now successfully concluded

Great Conference was had by all. See you in Glasgow 2018 for Scotland's second BSides Conference!


BSides Edinburgh was Scotland’s first professional security conference


We had a great time on 7th April 2017, with three dedicated talk tracks and keynotes from Ken Munro and Stephen Bonner.


Everyone enjoyed Edinburgh, our capital city and one of Europe’s most beautiful

That's all for now folks

Everything finished for this year – come back and see us in 2018 in Glasgow


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