Call for Papers

Call for papers – now open!

Our call for papers is currently open, we’ve got some great submissions so far, but still looking for more so please send them our way for your chance to speak at our inagural conference.

a) The process will close around the end of Feb 2017.

b)  All submissions will be reviewed in detail by the conference committee.  In order of importance, we are looking for i) interesting content of relevance to the track you are submitting for (Technical or InfoSec) ii) new (or newish) content that our attendees won’t have seen before iii) confident and fluent presenters who can engage the audience iii) diversity – we are hoping to get talks from a wide range of backgrounds.  We will also be balancing the talks so that we get a good range (so for example we won’t be having six talks about Android or Automotive hacking regardless of how good they are).

c) We will let everyone who submitted know whether or not they were successful immediately after the decision is made which will be a few days after the CFP closes.  We will be asking a few people to be on a reserve list in case of last minute changes (those people will have the fun and the T-Shirt and might not have to actually speak).

d) All speakers will be invited to share a special celebration dinner with us the night before the conference – venue still to be decided but it will be something special.  We will also be having a VIP lounge where speakers can go to chill out away from the crowds. Additionally, speakers will get a special T-Shirt, lanyard, commemorative Hamish the Hieland Coo mascot and anything else we can dream up.  If funds permit, we will try to make a contribution towards travel/accommodation costs for speakers who are flying in (and who aren’t being paid for by their company).

e)  The information we need for the CFP is included in the attached forms – or please just send us the information in an email –

We will need to know your full name, gender (preferred for diversity reasons but not compulsory), recent photo, company name (if applicable), contact phone number, email address, talk title, talk synopsis (500 words or less), brief bio of you, whether you have presented at a security conference before (and if so – where), links to the talks you have done (if applicable), whether you are prepared to be on the reserve list and whether you are happy to be filmed on the day.