Opening Keynote

Feb 21st, 2017

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Opening Keynote

We have a title for our opening keynote by Stephen Bonner “10 things my escape from Alcatraz taught me about cyber security: number 6 will shock you!” – now you don’t get much more click bait than that!

Stephen Bonner is a regular visitor to San Francisco, attending the RSA conference and meeting with cyber security start-ups. Last summer, he took jailbreak back to its original meaning by escaping from Alcatraz without a wetsuit. This light-hearted talk will discuss how navigating the cold, choppy, shark-filled waters of cyber risk helped prepare him for this adventure and how you can apply what he learned to protect your organisations and accelerate your careers. Some audience participation will be expected.

The picture above shows Stephen in his day job as a partner at Deloittes – the one below explores another side of his nature.


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