The Goodies Start to Arrive

Feb 17th, 2017

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The Goodies Start to Arrive

This week the goodies started to arrive.  With the tickets all claimed we now know the sizings for our attendees (now that makes for an interesting demographic :)) so we were able to order the T-Shirts, and also the bags to hold them (together with the rest of the swag from the sponsors).

My office is now cluttered up with five huge boxes – so a task for this week will be to get everything bagged up and ready.

This Sunday will also be a big day for the committee as the CFP is closing and we will be making the final decision as to our slate of speakers.  It is going to be a hard choice to make as we have had lots of very high quality submissions.  Personally I’m glad we will be getting everything videoed as I have a feeling I won’t be getting to see a lot of the talks I would be interested in.

We hope to publish our schedule here next week so watch this space.

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