Videos of Talks

The videos for many of our talks from 2017 are now on our YouTube Channel.

You can also access them from here : –

Stephen Bonner Keynote – “10 things my escape from Alcatraz taught me about cyber security: number 6 will shock you”

Ian Glover Special Guest Speaker – “The Future Of Professional Certification And Scrutiny on the Bounty”

Carl Gottlieb – “GDPR When Compliance finally got interesting”

Aaron Guzman – “Don’t Get Caught Em-Bed: Finding and preventing software security bugs at the lowest level”

Jordan Schroeder – “How do you get your users to give up sex for a year: Security culture engineering”

Thomas Fischer – “I thought I saw a |-|4X0.-“

Colin McLean – “Adding More Realism To Learning Security Testing By Using SWAG And Swing”

Boglarka Ronto – “Twice The Pride, Double The Fall: Why 2FA Isn’t The Cure We Thought It Was”

Henri Watson – “One Step, Two Step”

Neil Lines – “The Hunt for the Red DA”

Christopher Carlis – “Fighting User Apathy and Indifference”

Darren Martyn – “A Look At TR-06FAIL And Other CPE Configuration Disasters”

Thomas Pornin – “BearSSL: SSL For All Things”

Chris Boyd – “Privacy Policies: The Realm Of The Legible Word Salad by Chris Boyd”

There are still a couple of talks where there either were some technical issues or where we are waiting for permission to publish for various reasons – so please bear with us.