What a conference we had

Apr 8th, 2017

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What a conference we had

Well the big day is now over and was a huge success.

The night before, we had invited our speakers and sponsors to join us at the Tower Restaurant. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves – I was hoping that the speakers at least wouldn’t enjoy themselves too much!

The next morning dawned bright and fair and we set off for the venue in our fetching yellow T-Shirts. I hadn’t actually intended them to be such a striking colour.

Soon we were at the venue.

The venue had prepared everything brilliantly but it looked very empty. This was soon to change.

Soon our Crew for the day joined us.

Then the sponsors started to set up their stands. Some of these were quite grand affairs!

Soon the first attendees started to turn up. Very soon in fact – the first person was through the door at 7:10. After that the gloves were off and registration started in earnest.

Then it was time for the keynote. Stephen Bonner escaped from Alcatraz with a very amusing and informative talk.

The talks continued throughout the day. Apart from a few disasters like a lost stand, a non-appearing plasma screen and an exploding laptop just about everything went swimmingly. Even the lunch was good (don’t ask me about the coffee though).

All too soon it was the end of the day. The crowd awaited Ken Munro and his amazing IoT hacking talk, complete with electronic skateboard and a selection of “more personal items”

The conference closed to applause and it was time to break up and enjoy the delights of Edinburgh.

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